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Alcohol Addiction Information & Resources

Around the world, alcohol use causes more than 3 million deaths every year.

Alcohol is the most frequently abused drug in America since it is legal in almost every corner of the country. The type of alcohol that people drink is ethanol, which is the result of the fermentation of grains, fruits or vegetables. When alcohol is taken into the body, it depresses the function of the central nervous system which is what causes all the symptoms of drunkenness.

Alcohol Addiction

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Find more information about alcohol and alcohol addiction with professionally reviewed up-to-date articles. Getting informed is the first step in overcoming alcohol addiction.


Alcohol Abuse Signs

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When does drinking become a problem? Knowing the signs & symptoms of alcohol abuse and addiction can save a life.


Alcohol Stats & Trends

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Stay informed on the latest news, trends and statistics on alcohol addiction and alcohol-related news.


The Four Main Types of Drinkable Alcohol

  • Beer
  • Wine and fortified wine
  • Liqueurs
  • Spirits such as vodka, gin and whiskey

Consequences of Alcohol Abuse

In America, there are more people dependent on alcohol than on any other drug. In addition, combining the use of alcohol with the use of other drugs is extremely common.

Around the world, alcohol use causes more than three million deaths every year. In comparison, drug use causes fewer than half a million.1 Alcohol deaths may be somewhat invisible because many of them are slow. It can take years to die from liver cancer, breast cancer, heart disease, hepatitis, cirrhosis and similar causes. Deaths from alcohol-related traffic accidents, falls, drownings, suicides and homicides are faster and much more obvious.

It is possible to overdose on alcohol which is referred to as alcohol poisoning. Every year, 2,200 people die from this cause.2

How Does Alcohol Affect the Brain?

Once ingested, alcohol quickly makes its way to a person’s brain and has a profound effect on that organ.3 The effects of high levels of alcohol in the blood result in poor motor control, slurred speech, slow reaction times, aggressiveness and blackouts. Once a person becomes addicted to alcohol and subjects their brain and body to a steady wash of this toxic chemical, it begins to cause the brain tissue to shrink.

Many years of drinking can cause such severe brain damage that a person may be unable to learn, unable to remember new events, suffer severe confusion and an inability to walk.


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