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Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center Florida

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center
1390 Sunset Point Road Clearwater, FL 33755, United States

As soon as you drive up to the door of the Narconon Suncoast Rehabilitation Center, you’ll notice something different. At this drug rehab, those in recovery are finding their way to fully drug-free lives with the support of experienced and well-trained staff. The atmosphere is light and hopeful, as each person realizes that finally, they have found a drug rehab that can enable them to break out of the mold of addiction they were caught in for so many years.

In this drug rehab, there are no drugs used as part of treatment—drugs that are themselves addictive. Here, those in recovery are not instructed that they will “always be an addict” or that they are “powerless.” Here, each person is empowered to learn how to face life’s challenges in an honest and capable way.

The Narconon Path to Recovery

After a medical check from a physician to ensure the person is qualified for the program, the drug rehab process starts with a well-supported and drug-free withdrawal. Mental, physical and emotional support make this more tolerable than most people expect. Some people say it’s actually the most tolerable detox they have ever experienced.

Within days or a few weeks at most, each person completes the detox and begins the drug rehab program itself. The first step is a deeper detox utilizing exercise, time in a sauna and nutritional supplements that support detoxification. For years or even decades, each participant has been consuming drugs that are toxic and often deadly. After all this time, they come to drug rehab with a body burdened with toxins. Eliminating this burden of drug residue helps each person start their new sober life with a brighter outlook.

Finally, each person becomes a student of the life skills they will need to successfully navigate their new, sober lives. The life skills portion of this drug rehab program is fully standardized and manualized so that each person gets a thorough education in the life skills found most essential for lasting recovery. In classrooms supervised by caring staff, the students gain new abilities with which to confront life’s challenges.

Before going home, each of these students of sobriety works with the experienced staff to plan the best way to rebuild their lives outside of drug rehab. Some people will need to reacquaint themselves with parents, children or spouses. Others will need to return to jobs or careers with a new, sober viewpoint. Planning out the exact steps needed makes this transition much easier.

From detox through drug rehab and finally, planning for a sober post-graduation life—this is the path that has enabled many thousands of Narconon graduates to achieve rewarding, sober new lives.

The Narconon Suncoast Facility in Clearwater, Florida

From all over Florida and the Southeast, those in urgent need of drug rehab find their way to Narconon Suncoast. From Tampa, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Gainesville and Miami, it is only a drive of no more than a few hours. This rehab center sits on seven beautiful, sheltered acres that include gardens, a private walking path and recreation facilities for the students.

All accommodations, dining room, medical support and classrooms are on site. There is no need to be concerned with anything outside this drug rehab facility until graduation and post-rehab planning is complete. All the support you need is right here, right now.

Nutritional Dining

Meals are taken in the elegant dining room that’s indistinguishable from a fine restaurant. Nutritional dining helps speed recovery and repair.

Detoxification Center

A critical step on the Narconon Program is the New Life Detoxification. Our New Life Detox center houses dual saunas to help students sweat out the toxic drug residues that drive cravings.

Course Rooms

Our course rooms are designed to deliver the full range of Narconon’s Life Skills Courses. Here students work to build the skills they need for a successful and drug-free life.

Perfect Environment

Part of what makes this possible is the Narconon environment. Our center offers the ideal space for healing and rejuvenation.