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Narconon Arrowhead

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center Oklahoma - United States

69 Arrowhead Loop Canadian, OK 74425, United States

Narconon Arrowhead is Narconon’s leading drug rehabilitation center and has been helping people overcome their addiction for nearly three decades. Thousands of individuals have been assisted in overcoming their addiction at this center, enabling them to live productive, drug-free lives.

The facility is located on beautiful Lake Eufaula in southeastern Oklahoma. It is a peaceful, spacious setting that enhances the rehabilitation process. Here, in this distraction-free setting individuals receive the one-on-one care and personalized attention that is often necessary to accomplish our goal of long-term success.

The Narconon program takes a comprehensive approach to handling addiction addressing both the physical and mental aspects of drug abuse. The program begins with a drug-free withdrawal and a unique sauna detoxification regimen to repair the physical damage caused by drugs, followed by a series of life skills training which enables you to repair and rebuild your life.


The Narconon Arrowhead center resides on the shores of beautiful Lake Eufaula in Oklahoma with a state part. The wooded grounds are filled with wildlife which contributes to an ideal setting for a person to achieve full recovery

The facility itself is on unique design with spacious common areas for relaxation and socializing with others.

Guest Rooms

Our guest rooms provide the rest that is an essential part of the program. Nutritious dining helps speed recovery and repair.


Narconon Arrowhead’s grounds, beautiful walking trails and beaches, and sports fields provide a peaceful, stress-free environment with every element aligned to your success on the program.

Detoxification Center

A critical step on the program is the New Life Detoxification. The center’s New Life Detoxification center features a fitness center and houses five saunas to help students sweat out the toxic drug residues that drive cravings.

Course Room

Narconon Arrowhead course rooms are designed to deliver the full range of Narconon’s Life Skills courses. Here, students work to build the skills they need for a successful and drug-free life.