The Narconon Program

What Families of Graduates Say

Graduate with her family

“My experience with Narconon is what you would call a success story in the sense that I have my smart, well-educated, happy daughter back. I am grateful to have that help available to mothers like me who can now wake up with a smile every morning because I know I have my great child back.”

“My brother struggled with a heroin addiction for 10 years. After trying what seemed like every program under the sun, he continued through periods of homelessness and near-death. We finally found the Narconon program and he has been drug-free ever since.”

“My husband completed a three-month treatment program for alcoholism at Narconon. Prior to this his condition had been deteriorating drastically over the previous couple of years and he had tried multiple times to quit drinking with no success. I am happy to report he is staying sober and is both physically and mentally stronger. We are living a normal life again.”

“Since that day eight years ago, my sister has been drug-free. If it were not for the Narconon program, I would not have my sister today. I thank God every day for leading me to the right place to save her life.”

“Without the personal dedication of the staff and excellent rehab program instituted at Narconon, I believe my son would not be alive today. He is drug-free, healthy, and happy. He is a productive member of society because of the personal care and valuable learning he received at Narconon.”

“Narconon jumped up and literally saved my father. Narconon taught my father that life is what you make it, and drugs make it seem like you have nothing to live for.

“Thank God in heaven for leading me to Narconon. I am so very grateful to Narconon for their program that led my daughter from 35 years of being an addict to complete sobriety for the past five years. She has become productive in her community. She has gained self-esteem. She has brought happiness and contentment to both herself and her children. She has become a joy and a pleasure to be with. She is ALIVE!”

“When my son finished this life-saving program, our family was restored. He is now an upstanding member of this community. As a mother there is no greater joy than to have your child back. There is no price tag that can be put on that.”

“Before Narconon, my brother was stealing from us just to get his next fix. His terrible behavior and personality matched his outward appearance. It was because of the Narconon program that he was able to transform back into the healthy, wonderful person he was before drugs.”

“Narconon gave me my son back and gave him his life back. It’s not a quick fix. This is what makes it such an excellent program.”

“I watched my brother come back to life through the Narconon program. He is a full journeyman as a floor layer. He has a wonderful girlfriend he will be marrying soon. He is saving to buy a house and has paid back all his debts. Narconon taught him to take responsibility for the trouble and havoc he created for our family.”

“My son has been sober for 11 years, returned to the university, got his music career happening, and became a kinder and more responsible person as a result of the program—after which he never reverted again. His addiction is in the past and his future is vibrant, real and golden. I could not begin to express my deepest gratitude to the Narconon program.”

“Narconon is the only thing that kept my life from crumbling. It saved the one thing that meant everything to me in this world—my mom. She did the program in 1998 and has been sober ever since. It was so remarkable to see this woman I had loved and missed for so long come back. I had never been more proud of my mom than at that moment.”

“I am the mother of a son whose life was saved through the Narconon program. I do not know how he was so miraculously made into a new person—but they restored his soul and his life. I am forever thankful for this program. It has been a miracle for me and my family.”

“Our son went away—someone we didn’t know, someone we didn’t want to know. When he came back, he started to rebuild all his relationships with family. He came to holiday events. He was able to work through problems that came up. I cannot thank Narconon enough—they sent our son back to us.”

“The Narconon program appealed to me because it wasn’t a set-time program. It was going to be as long for my son as he needed to finish the program. It has now been eight years since he finished the program and these years truly show that he has had a fresh start.”

“Our daughter successfully finished the Narconon drug rehab. It has now been four years and she is doing fantastic. She is healthy, happy and thriving in college with excellent grades.”

“I owe my son’s life to the Narconon program. I am 100 percent certain that my son would not be alive today if I had sent him to any other program. Narconon is unique.”

“There are no words to express the joy and gratitude I have for this opportunity to get to know my beautiful adult son. Through his hard work, dedication and the gift of Narconon, he has returned to us and to the fullness of life.”

“In April, we attended our son’s graduation ceremony at Narconon. Our son’s graduation event will forever be etched in our memory, as a rebirth of our child. It had been so many years since we had seen him drug- or alcohol-free that we actually had a hard time recognizing him. He looked absolutely wonderful and his behavior was so accepting and calm. For years, we had wondered if we would ever see our ‘real’ son again. We will never forget your faces or the wonderful things you are doing. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

“As my son and I sit and discuss his plans to continue his education, I wanted you to know how we appreciate the benefit of the fine program Narconon presents. Thanks for helping my son find his life again and giving us back our son.”

“My son is now three years drug-free and I am so proud of him. We all are. He is so positive, so self-assured. He knows what he wants. I love him dearly and I think we will always have a good and close relationship. Narconon was the best thing that could have happened to him.”

“After trying numerous drug rehab programs, I found Narconon. I took him to Narconon as an emaciated ‘end of the trail person.’ In a short time he regained his health and became himself again. Most importantly he became free of drugs. My son now has a family of his own. He is very productive in working with others to help them regain their self-esteem and to become free of the ravages of drug use. My son and I have never been closer or had such a good relationship as father and son. Narconon not only gave my son back to me, but also gave me a very good friend. There are no words to define what Narconon means to my family.”

“I owe my son’s life to the Narconon program. I am 100 percent certain that my son would not be alive today if I had sent him to any other program.”

“My husband is very dependable and responsible now. If he says he is at work, you can find him there. He doesn’t lose his temper as he did before. His communication skills are outrageous—it is phenomenal watching him work with people now. Earlier, when he was addicted, he was always screaming and hollering and throwing things. He was always angry. Now he is like a different person—himself. It is utterly awesome.”

“The Narconon rehab program really works. I have a nephew who was a drug addict for 10 years. His addiction led to the use of meth and his life was spiraling downward. This young Christian man was admitted to Narconon by the encouragement of his family and he is a true success story. He is now a healthy, happy young man employed as a Course Supervisor for Narconon. He is loved dearly by his family and it is a blessing he got into the Narconon program. It has literally saved his life.”