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Narconon Ojai

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center California

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center
9950 Sulphur Mountain Road Ojai, CA 93023, United States

Narconon Ojai provides one of the most exclusive Narconon center experiences. The facility is located on a coastal mountaintop with a clear view of the Pacific Ocean. The beautiful scenery and tranquil surroundings on a private estate offer a chance to focus on recovery and not the often chaotic everyday world.

This drug and alcohol rehab program in Ojai, California is perfect for individuals who seek privacy and comfort while focusing on learning the skills to stop using drugs and to remain drug-free. As an exclusive retreat-style drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, Narconon Ojai offers executive amenities and private rooms. Our caring staff are there every step of the way.

Luxury Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

The first-rate accommodations and amenities aren’t the only thing you will find exceptional at Narconon Ojai either. From its inception, the facility was designed to provide a therapeutic environment for individuals who require special accommodation. Individuals from business executives and professionals, artists, athletes, and celebrities have found the stability and comfort to help free themselves from addiction and rebuild their lives without drugs or alcohol.

Aside from the accommodations and amenities offered at this luxury facility, the Narconon program, for its part, provides one of the most comprehensive approaches possible to handling addiction. By addressing both the physical and mental aspects of addiction the program offers hope where many other programs have failed in the past. Starting with a drug-free withdrawal that eases withdrawal symptoms naturally without replacement to the sauna detoxification which makes cravings a thing of the past, the Narconon program repairs the physical damage caused by drugs and alcohol and provides a series of life skills courses that enable individuals to be responsible for their own success in life.

The program does not treat addiction as an incurable disease from which one can never recover, rather it views that a person fell into the trap of addiction as an attempt to solve a problem. Whether the problem is of one’s own making or the result of a difficult or unfortunate turn of events, drugs and alcohol can appear for a time to solve problems. In fact, many successful people fall prey to the trap and find that they can no longer function at the level they once did. The Narconon program focuses on a return of ability, this approach has far-reaching benefits for individuals who find themselves functioning at a less than ideal level and want to return to and surpass their former success.

From top to bottom, Narconon Ojai offers luxurious and comfortable accommodations and facilities for each step of the drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. For many people, high-pressure careers have taken a toll and presented stresses for which it seemed only the use of addictive substances could alleviate. But here at Narconon Ojai, each person can find a new fresh start and enjoy living a life that makes lasting sobriety possible again.

Detoxification Center

From the marble-trimmed reception area to the indoor pool adjacent to the Detoxification Center, each client is surrounded by an environment that offers hope and all the support needed to guide them to a sober path.


Classrooms for life skills training are beautifully appointed, with high ceilings, ornate moldings and wide-open vistas of California mountains. Here students work to build the skills they need for a successful and drug-free life.


When the day’s studies are done, take a break in the exquisitely landscaped courtyard or watch the setting sun from the patio. We provide a peaceful, stress-free environment with every element aligned to your success on the program.

Nutritional Dining

Meals are taken in the elegant dining room that’s indistinguishable from a fine restaurant. Nutritional dining helps speed recovery and repair.

For the person who wishes to improve their physical fitness while recovering their sobriety, there’s an exercise area available. There’s also a full-sized billiard table in addition to facilities for games and movies. While learning the lessons that can preserve your sobriety, you can also enjoy socializing with those in recovery with you.