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Narconon New Life Retreat

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center Louisiana

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center
35059 Bend Road Denham Springs, LA 70706, United States

Narconon New Life Retreat was founded in wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2016 to answer the increasing demand for workable solutions for true and lasting recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

The caring and expert staff of Narconon New Life Retreat are prepared to help you our or loved one through every step of the comprehensive Narconon program to address both the physical and mental aspects of drug and alcohol addiction. The program begins with a drug-free withdrawal and a unique sauna detoxification regimen to repair the physical damage caused by drugs and alcohol, followed by a series of life skills training to provide the tools needed to repair and build a new, drug-free life.


On a quiet road outside Denham Springs, Louisiana—Narconon New Life Retreat provides an ideal place for rehabilitation after addiction. The grounds around the buildings on this property are like a beautiful park, with trees and flowers everywhere.

Narconon New Life Retreat sits on a beautiful 15-acre campus. The grounds feature a pool, patio and fitness center—a calming, stress-free environment where you can focus on your rehabilitation.


Students on the program can swim, work out, spend time visiting with others on the covered patio or just relax in a shady spot with a book.

Recreation Room

The recreation room has a pool table and media center for movies and sports events.

Calming Atmosphere

The calming atmosphere contributes to the healing and recovery of the students who choose Narconon New Life Retreat for their future sobriety.